A mirrored wall, a vibrant yellow staircase, and a beam of light—together they form an irresistibly graphic setting for a portrait. Shooting from a high angle rendered the familiar architectural forms almost abstract to form an engaging composition around the reclining bride. Her pose and expression (plus bare feet) form a relaxed counterpoint to her formal surroundings.
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Daniel Aguilar
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Hi! My name is Daniel Aguilar, I'm a 1981 vintage model made in the city of Puebla, Mexico. I moved to Texas when I was an 18 year old teenager to pursue what I thought was my dream back then of becoming a Computer Scientist. 
Little I knew that I was destined to hate Computer Science and to live some of the four toughest years of my life trying to finish a degree I didn't really like; however, it was during this rough university years that photography came into my life. 
I will always remember the day I developed my first film picture in a dark room, I was surrounded by the smell of weird chemicals and all I could see was red light. After a few attempts and a few seconds soaked into the developer, my picture came to life and instantaneously fell in love with photography. I knew I wanted to become a photographer.
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