A low view of the strolling wedding party and mingling tourists made this pigeon a momentary star and brought unexpected levity to a classic street scene. The fact that the subtle blue-green hues in the bird's plumage coordinate perfectly with the wedding attire is a subtle but pleasing bonus.
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Benaissa El Yamani
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About Benaissa El Yamani:
B-visuals is located in the north of the Netherlands. Benaissa El Yamani is the owner of B-visuals. I have worked for many years as an assistent photographer at KTF with Kars Tuinder. We continue to do weddingshoots together. Our unique collaboration allows us to both take pictures from different perspectives and locations. We can capture more moments and this can add more value to the wedding. We use light in an artistic way.  
For more information you can take a look at my website.
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