We don't need to know the details of this interaction to appreciate the raw emotions of the tears and tightly clasped hands. The photographer captured what was clearly a profound moment for the bride—and did it in a way that was both natural and flattering.
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Julianne Markow
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I am the wife half of a wife and husband wedding photography team based out of Central NJ. We met when we were 12 years old - I pointed him out to my mother and told her that I was going to marry him some day. When we were 16 he told me he loved me, and now we've been married for 8 years!. We've always done everything together, and we grew into being wedding photographers together as well.  
Our style is a mix of documentary photography and cinematic portraits, My favorite thing about wedding days is the possibility to experience something new, every time. I appreciate the exposure to different family dynamics and cultures that wedding photography has given me, and I get a thrill out of spying on people and watching for their truest emotions. More than anything, I just want my couples to be happy and enjoy what should be the best day of their lives up to that point.
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