The action-stopping power of photography and flash lets us see the world in ways our eyes alone do not. From corner to corner, this shot is filled with motion—petals in the air, waving arms, and swirling skirts. Best off all, the photographer captured the bride's lovely expression bathed in beautiful light. It's a colorful, dynamic, and expertly captured moment in time.
Based In: Mumbai, India
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Joseph Radhik
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About Joseph Radhik:
I am Joseph Radhik. I am a traveler, a story-teller, an engineer, a brother, and a son. I find beauty and awe in simple, stupid things, and I love making simple, stupid things look beautiful and awesome. People in love, places that make memories, moments that bring joy are some of these simple, stupid things. 
My work has been featured in Vogue UK (Dream Wedding Ensemble, Oct 2013), Grazia India (Wedding Wizards, Nov 2013), Elle India (Nov 2013), Conde Nast Traveler (2012), and on the cover of Asian Photography, Nov 2013. 
I also lead Stories - a team of photographers and film makers trained by me to create moving stories of love. We are a collective of individuals who live and breathe visual art and weddings. We specialize in capturing South Asian weddings in the most aesthetic way possible and we travel the world doing this. 
We specialize in The Great Indian wedding and have captured moments in Greece, Italy, Austria, Mauritius, USA, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, UAE, Sri Lanka, Nepal and of course, all over India! With over 220 weddings in 4 years, we are one of the most experienced photography and cinematography collectives in the world. We've been part of events with as few as 7 guests and celebrations with over 150,000 guests (no typo there!). And we absolutely *love* our job! :)
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