The bride's tranquil pose pairs beautifully with the clean lines and neutral tones in the rest of the room. In a pool of sunlight, she seems almost aglow in this calm, quiet moment just before the flurry of events on the big day.
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Based In: Indonesia
Phone: +6281299097153
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Jayanto Andoko
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About Jayanto Andoko:
In 2005 one of my friend at campus introduce me to photography, and I am very interested in photography. In 2010 i met my friend and he introduce wedding photography. 2014 i'm ready to capture the happiest day of your life such as our own wedding day. 
I am a very simple ordinary man. I enjoy staying home watching ton of movies. I like collection old, vintage item, and custom my old motorcycle  
I am an artist from heart. Your big day is my big day too. I will be there and capture it with my personal touch.  
I love moment in beauty!
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