Centered at the bottom of the frame, this couple seems completely lost in the moment. Their unselfconscious expressions of love and delight are captivating—and made even more special by the sense we are given that, for them, the rest of the world has melted away. The guests and church (not to mention the world outside the doors) are nothing but a far-off, gentle blur.
Based In: Salzburg, Austria
Average Price: $$$$
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Alex Cristurean
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About Alex Cristurean:
In real life I'm a quiet guy who enjoys movies and traveling and who is blessed with a wonderful wife. I'm based in Vienna, Austria, but I'm happy to photograph your wedding even if it's on Kilimanjaro (seriously). 
For me photography is getting out of my comfort zone. I'm obsessed with getting the best out of every moment and every wedding, no matter what situation comes my way. That's my promise to every client. 
I can't wait to get uncomfortable at your wedding!
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