Fearless Photos of the Day

Can't wait for the next Collection of Fearless Awards? Check out these exceptional wedding photographs from our Fearless members from all over the world. Enjoy!

Bryan is holding his grandfather's hand as he is leaving Bryan and Candice's wedding reception, which they chose to host at the lakeside resort that his grandfather built many decades ago. Bryan spent a lot of his childhood with his grandpa, and watching him age is difficult for Bryan. His health is beginning to fail and in this image, Bryan says good bye to his grandpa, not knowing when he might see him again. I didn't know the details of their relationship or his health at the time, but I certainly could sense that this moment was crucial to capture. Bryan knelt to hold his grandpa's hand and I was shooting that, but then noticed Candice and Bryan's mom embracing as they both broke down. To combine the generations of relationships, I stepped back from focusing on Bryan and his grandpa to framing his wife and mom in the photo, giving it greater context and gravity.