A first dance, sure. But how many photographers are ready to shoot the couple jump-roping on the dance floor? This photographer got down low to show the rope and make the jumps look extra-high. Flashes at the corners of the dance floor helped freeze the action as well as the applause of the crowd cheering them on.
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Based In: North West England
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Rob Clayton
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About Rob Clayton:
As cliched as it surely sounds, I really do feel like I was born to be a photographer. I have always been fascinated by various art forms, but unable to actually draw to any decent standard, photography became the natural way for me to express myself. I am not ashamed to admit I love the process of continual learning, am always striving to better my work, and genuinely get excited before every wedding I photograph about what may be captured 
By nature, I am much happier fading into the background than being the centre-of-attention, which I think actually benefits me in my work. And whilst not much of a dancer myself, I have been known to very quietly (and some would say, badly) sing to myself while working if the band strikes up a particular favourite (my real 'guilty pleasure' being, but not limited to, Teenage Dirtbag. Because I'm cool like that. Ahem.)
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