Its quirky perspective and gritty authenticity make this image a quiet beauty. Centered in the open door near the bottom of the frame, the bride is clearly right where she belongs—happy in her own colorful, offbeat world.
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Mónica Muñoz
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Hello I'm Moni, Venezuelan by birth, but living in Berlín. I take pictures because I feel that there are moments that the memory will forget, moments that they just go away, and the pictures help that not to happen. In my photos I try to capture only real emotions. I work for wildBrides!, ANTI PRINCESS brides, people who live the day as if it were your last. 
Hola soy Mónica, Venezolana de nacimiento, pero viviendo en Berlín desde poquito. Saco fotos porque siento que hay momentos que la memoria va a olvidar, simplemente se van, las fotos hacen que eso no pase...En mis fotos trato de capturar sólo emoción real. Me dedico a novias diferentes, salvajes, ANTIPRINCESAS, personas que vivan el día como si fuera el último.
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