Wedding portraits are often about light, bright colors. Here, the photographer created an eye-catching image by relying mostly on dark tones. Selectively placed highlights carve out the bride's bodice and big smile. Even the grasses in the background seem to be leaning toward her, drawn to her mesmerizing presence at the very edge of the frame.
Based In: Nice, France
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Franck Boutonnet
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I have many obsessions in life, but for sure the one I constantly kept working on is to document weddings. I am dedicated to make the most beautiful and meaningful pictures of your wedding day. I want to tell your story and to provide you with a striking visual heirloom for your family history 
I am a lover of arts & visual arts: documentary and fine art photography, classic paintings, cinematography, literature. all those combined with my photojournalism background allow me to produce fine art documentary wedding photography.
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