Bold colors and contrast make this champagne-glass fountain even more exciting. As the larger-than-life bottle tilts toward the backlit tower, the bride seems to be grabbing for one glass that has already spun off toward the floor. Droplets frozen in midair (and the bride's inscrutable expression) round out the fun of this wild reception shot!
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Erin Chrisman
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About Erin Chrisman:
Erin and Ben Chrisman are the owners and principal photographers of Chrisman Studios, based in the Bay Area of California. Erin and Ben, along with their three associate photographers, have photographed weddings all over the world, including Mexico, Mongolia, Greece, China and Costa Rica. 
Chrisman Studios is a boutique of five photographers that specializes in creative documentary wedding photography. We are dedicated to giving you photographs that will blow your mind, make your parents proud and your friends jealous. Whether your wedding is in your parents' backyard or on an exotic beach, we want to be there for you.
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