Weddings are serious business and also happy affairs, and smart photographers are always looking to show that lighter side of the day. This image does just that, by giving the groom an extra set of arms to help in his preparations. Centering the symmetrical subject puts our eyes right on the trick of the pose. We pause in momentary confusion, parse the situation, and quickly warm to the humor.
Based In: Aix-en-Provence
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Daniel Pelcat
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My wedding photography approach is one of photojournalism. I try to capture every moment of emotion or intensity. Humor, tenderness and poetry are the essential elements of the day that will give a special resonance to my images. It is a personal and sensitive look that I propose, a look and a modern and elegant style. 
I like to meet the bride and groom before the day of the event to get acquainted and discuss their desires, their expectations. From that moment, complicity creates. This preparation is important for me to anticipate the completion and already start my creative approach according to your personality.
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