Framed outside the car widow, the groom's pensive pose pairs nicely with the bride's relaxed demeanor as she looks on patiently. These relaxed, genuine moments speak well of the photographer's ability to put people at ease—and wait with eyes open for that perfect fraction of a second when everything falls into place.
Based In: Riviera Maya
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Fer Juaristi
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About Fer Juaristi:
Hello. I am Fer Juaristi. I am a photographer. I am also a father, a friend and a traveler. 
I am a husband (a blessed husband) and I am honored and humbled that you have found your way here and are considering whether to invite me to photograph your wedding. 
Weddings are amazing celebrations, comprising all of the huge building blocks of a great existence - love, laughter, new families. 
Weddings are often called "big days," but what they are really the start of big, rich lives. Big day, upon big day, upon big day. Forever. 
So, let me say thank you for perhaps making me a part of yours, to help capture a piece of your big life and contribute a building block to your visual legacy. 
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