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Dmitry Markov
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As long as I remember myself I always had a strong and deep feeling in expressing myself and creating something magical. To create something that people will care about, something that will live, even after I'll be gone... But this need for a long time couldn't find a way out.... 
Music, painting, literature--I couldn't find my self in them... 
But once I saw how amazing could be a photograph... 
And I realized that it's a way for my incarnation. 
The second turning point in my life was one picture, that I saw... at the moment when I was holding it in my hands this photo was already more than 100 years old... It was a wedding photo of my wife's great grandparents. Right at this moment I understood and got this clear idea to exactly what kind of photography I wanted to dedicate myself, my life, my passion... 
Wedding photography for me is a complicated cocktail of different ingredients. But the main and most important one, it's exactly this type of photos, the ones that are able to "live" more than hundreds of years... Second in importance is sincerity, originality, and a fulfilled life. Emotions and moments. Laughter and smiles. Tears and embraces. Feelings. Tenderness. Happiness. Love. And energy! The photos have to be charged with this magical captured energy that will live through the ages! When the couples at the moment of watching their old wedding photos will have the same magical feelings as they had at this special day... that it will become alive in their hearts again...When others people looking at photos they get "infected" by those emotions, they will be able to feel the same magic... 
And now just ask yourself: "Would you do something that you usually do as a job if you had enough money to not work at all?" My answer is: "YES!" I really love what I do! When hobby, job, and passion cross each other, it's an incredible feeling! This is one of the ingredients of real happiness!
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