Epic Portraits

Does your dream wedding take place on a mountain top, or a carnival ride, or playing in the surf with the love of your life? If so, epic portraits are the perfect wedding photography style for you!  
With epic wedding portraits, you need a photographer who is as bold and courageous as your love and who can capture those breathtaking moments. Thankfully, our Fearless Photographers are ready for just that!  
These jaw-dropping wedding portraits will serve as fun memory makers and conversation starters well into your golden years.

The beautiful lines of foliage in a vineyard make it an appealing setting for photography. Here, the photographer amplified the composition by posing the couple at the base of a valley in the field. Shooting with a wide-angle lens then transformed the descending rows of vines (flanking the photographer) into swooping diagonals that lead our gaze right to the couple. A touch of flash behind them added further emphasis and provided nice separation.