Awarded by Christina Craft: 2 + Jon Mold: 3 + Vinci Wang: 0 = 5 points 
I was quite surprised to see so many prism-type reflection shots in this round (perhaps a lot of people have been inspired after seeing Sam Hurd speak?). It seemed like every third image used this technique (with the ground looking like it was a lake or pool caused by either a cell phone or a prism reflection). There were also A LOT of images with tiny people in a big landscape either with or without a reflection. I admit, I use these "create your own reflection" techniques all the time as well and I liked quite a lot that were entered in this round. However, this one sings because the photographer wisely asked the couple do do something dramatic - instead of just standing there and kissing or looking at each other. The dance adds some extra joy and story to the image. I also like that the photographer chose to only show a tiny bit of the reflection in the bottom of the screen. It was a nice little extra element in an already pretty incredible silhouetted scene. 
- Christina Craft

Alex Beckett

London, UK
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Alex Beckett

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