Fearless Awards: Fun & Playful #45

Fun & Playful Wedding Photography is all about looking out for the joyous, the outrageous and the delightful aspects of the wedding day. It shows that weddings can be silly and quirky and provide evidence that a very good time was had by all. This style of wedding photography is readymade for life-of-the-party couples who want a laughter-filled candid record of their crazy festivities. 
THANK YOU to our guest curators Sabina Mladin (Romania), Hendra Lesmana (Indonesia), and Rino Cordella (Italy).

Fabio Mirulla - Florence, ItalyFabio Mirulla - Florence, ItalyMalou Evers - Breda, NetherlandsAaron Storry - East Midlands EnglandAnkita Asthana - Mumbai, IndiaCarol Ottolini - Rio de Janeiro, BrazilCafa Liu - Toronto, ONIsidro Cabrera Sosa - Islas Canarias, SpainKen Pak - Washington, DCDominic Lemoine - West Midlands EnglandAlison Bounce - Lyon, FranceKemran Shiraliev - Moscow, RussiaLinus Moran - South West EnglandDamien Dohmen - Bayonne, FranceJay Cassario - Southern New JerseyArjan van der Plaat - Breda, NetherlandsDaniel Dumbrava - Bucharest, RomaniaNei Bernardes - Porto Alegre, BrazilGiuseppe Genovese - Salerno, ItalyAmar Ramesh - Chennai, IndiaClaudiu Negrea - Arad, RomaniaPepe Faraldo - A Coruna, SpainRianne Hogewoning - Leiden, NetherlandsCarlos Negrin - A Coruna, SpainCasian Podarelu - Alba Iulia, RomaniaFlorin Stefan - Craiova, RomaniaGerardo Ojeda - Malaga, SpainKemran Shiraliev - Moscow, RussiaMarius Stoica - Bucharest, RomaniaBruno Bono - ArgentinaSiddharth Sharma - Bengaluru, IndiaPhilippe Swiggers - Brussels, BelgiumAllison Callaway - Los Angeles, CA