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Job Name Date Location
169 Stacey Jun 18, 2016 New York, NY - USA
CONTACT ME: email only - stacey@ambrosiophotography.com

WEBSITE: ambrosiophotography.com

DETAILS: Hi - I am in need of a second shooter for June 18 in NYC. Please send me an email with a link to your work, rates for shooting & contact info.
168 Graham Scobey Jun 4, 2016 Los Cabos - Mexico
CONTACT ME: graham@scobeyphotography.com

WEBSITE: scobeyphotography.com

DETAILS: Looking for a solid second shooter for a wedding at Casa Dorada Los Cabos Resort and Spa. It's going to be a fun one, and I'd love to work with a fellow Fearless member on it!
166 Ray Prop May 28, 2016 St. Louis, MO - USA
CONTACT ME: ray@rayprop.com

WEBSITE: rayprop.com

DETAILS: Looking for a strong second shooter for a wedding in St.Louis, MO,  
- please send a link to your work 
- pay based on experience/portfolio.
165 Trent Gillespie Jun 4, 2016 Omaha, NE - USA
CONTACT ME: info@gillphotos.com

WEBSITE: gillphotos.com

DETAILS: Need a second to cover a very relaxed wedding in downtown Omaha. Shooter needs to be strong in editorial/PJ. It'll be a fun wedding. No cheesy stuff.
164 Brian Allred Wright Sep 17, 2016 Austerlitz, NY - USA
CONTACT ME: brian@allredstudio.com

WEBSITE: allredstudio.com

DETAILS: Same Sex Wedding at a Barn/Country location - Must be comfortable with OCF for the reception, Nikon shooter here, but you don't have to be. A chill personality and fun to be around are a must! If you live in NYC or the surrounding area we could carpool!
163 Megan Allen Nov 12, 2016 Dayton, OH - USA
CONTACT ME: megan@choosestudio22.com

WEBSITE: ChooseStudio22.com

DETAILS: Fun couple at a fun location -- Dayton Art Institute. Must be comfortable with OCF, Nikon preferred. Must be ready to have fun and get into the moments! Let's do this!
162 Charlotte Giddings May 28, 2016 Whitchurch, Shropshire - UK
CONTACT ME: 07984 033083 infor@charlottegiddingsphotography.co.uk

WEBSITE: charlottegiddingsphotography.co.uk

DETAILS: I am looking for a second shooter, Saturday 28th May 2016 
Church and Marquee do both just outside of Whitchurch Shropshire 
Please contact me if you are interested and free and what you rate would be. 
Many Thanks 
157 Melissa Mercado May 27, 2016 Elburn, IL - USA
CONTACT ME: love@melissa-mercado.com

WEBSITE: melissa-mercado.com

DETAILS: Hi! I need a third shooter for Reception Details + SetUp, Cocktail Hour + Reception Party. Anyone available?
155 Erum Rizvi Jul 7, 2016 Bangkok - Thailand
CONTACT ME: erum@erumrizvi.com

WEBSITE: erumrizvi.com

DETAILS: Looking for a second shooter / light assistant for a 3 day wedding in Bangkok. Must be documentary in style.
152 Brandi Hill Jul 8, 2016 St. Louis, MO - USA
CONTACT ME: Brandi Hill

WEBSITE: brandihill.com

DETAILS: Need a second shooter -for a wedding --please email me for details.
151 Linda Ovist Jul 16, 2016 Ashland, WI - USA
CONTACT ME: bellairephoto@gmail.com

WEBSITE: bellairephotography.tumblr.com

DETAILS: Looking for a second shooter for a wedding in Ashland, WI, July 16, 2016. 6-8 hours. Must be located within a two hour radius of Ashland.
150 Kristin Reimer May 29, 2016 Cleveland, OH - USA
CONTACT ME: Kristin@photomuse.com

WEBSITE: photomuse.com

DETAILS: 2nd needed for Sunday, May 29 in Cleveland Ohio at Severance Hall. 8 hrs - pay based on experience/portfolio. 
Please send a link to your work, including images shot indoors using flash. Extra bonus points for sending me a gallery of a full wedding. 
Thank you! 

148 Julian Abram Wainwright Nov 12, 2016 Khao Lak - Thailand
CONTACT ME: julianwainwright@gmail.com

WEBSITE: julianwainwrightweddings.com/blog

DETAILS: I need a second shooter for the last day of a 3day Aussie/Indian wedding in Thailand. Must bring Fearlessness. And sunscreen.
147 Julian Abram Wainwright Sep 3, 2016 Singapore
CONTACT ME: julianwainwright@gmail.com

WEBSITE: julianwainwrightweddings.com/blog

DETAILS: Full day event | Chinese tea ceremony AM, church wedding PM, reception, dancing, etc. Must be willing to go the extra mile and be.... FEARLESS!
145 Duy Ho May 14, 2016 San Diego, CA - USA
CONTACT ME: d@duyhophotography.com

WEBSITE: duyhophotography.com

DETAILS: Need an experienced second photographer who can be autonomous at times (getting ready, possible group photos of the guys, details) . Pay based on experience/portfolio. Nikon shooter preferred (but not required)
111 Christopher Szulwach Sep 10, 2016 Chatham, MA - USA
CONTACT ME: chris@thestoryphotography.com

WEBSITE: TheStoryPhotography.com

DETAILS: Looking for a strong second shooter, preferably local to the Cape Cod area, for a wedding on 9/10/16 in Chatham, MA. Please send along a link to a portfolio page and at least one full wedding that you've photographed. Thanks! 
29 David Duignan Jul 15, 2016 Cavan - Ireland
CONTACT ME: info@djd.ie

WEBSITE: djd.ie

DETAILS: I'm looking for quotes for a potential second shooter to cover a full day wedding (approx 12 hrs) on the 15th July 2106 in Cavan.