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Job Name Date Location
97 Jamie Ivins Sep 19, 2015 Boston, MA - USA
CONTACT ME: info@jamieivins.com

WEBSITE: jamieivins.com

DETAILS: Looking for a strong second shooter for a daytime wedding in Boston. Formals in the public gardens, reception at Omni Parker House. Strong knowledge of OCF and ability to photograph the guys getting ready a must. Darker/dramatic style preferred. Pay negotiable. If interested please email a link to a full gallery and your rate.
96 Jamie Ivins Sep 5, 2015 South Berwick, ME - USA
CONTACT ME: info@jamieivins.com

WEBSITE: jamieivins.com

DETAILS: Looking for a second shooter for 7-8 hours. Strong OCF skills a must. Pay negotiable. Would love to find someone with a darker, more dramatic style. Email with link to a full gallery and rate if interested.
95 Amanda Picone Oct 10, 2015 Roslyn, NY - USA
CONTACT ME: info@amandapicone.com

WEBSITE: amandapicone.com

DETAILS: In need of experienced second shooter for 10 hours of coverage. Pay negotiable. Shooting style similar to my own preferred. Would love to see a full gallery and gear list. Thank you!!
94 Kelsey Sep 12, 2015 Hector, MN - USA
CONTACT ME: dalyproof@gmail.com

WEBSITE: dalyproof.com

DETAILS: Hello! Looking for a second shooter for an upcoming barn wedding in Hector, MN. 8 hours of shooting, and you will be fed dinner. Please message with your portfolio, brief synopsis of your experience, your equipment, and your rate! 
You'll be responsible for getting to and from Hector, MN- quite the trek from Minneapolis (about 1 hour 45 min), so please factor this into your rate.  
Thank you!
93 Curtis Moore Sep 10, 2015 Carlow & Kilkenny - Ireland
CONTACT ME: curtismoore@moorephotography.ca

WEBSITE: moorephotoraphy.ca

DETAILS: Looking for a second for Ireland wedding. Beginning at 11am in Carlow and ending at 9:30pm in Kilkenny. Please message me with your info and fee amount, this is going to be a good one! C
92 Alison Williams Sep 19, 2015 Washington, DC - USA
CONTACT ME: alisonrosephoto@comcast.net

WEBSITE: aroseweddingphotographer.com

DETAILS: I am shooting a wedding at the Meridian House (1630 Crescent Place, NW, Washington, DC, 20009) and am in need of a second shooter. It's an 8 hour shoot and pays $400.
88 Lisa Stone Oct 10, 2015 San Jose, CA - USA
CONTACT ME: lisa@lisastone.com

WEBSITE: lisastone.com

DETAILS: Looking for a 2nd photographer for 10/10/15 in San Jose, CA. Need someone for 9 hours. Pay is $450. Nikon preferred. Please email me with list of equipment and some full galleries so I can get an idea of how you shoot.
87 Katie Yeaton Nov 14, 2015 Randolph, NJ - USA
CONTACT ME: braveheartsphotography@gmail.com

WEBSITE: braveheartsphotography.com

DETAILS: I need a second shooter for a wedding on 11/14/2015. The ceremony is in Randolph, NJ and then the reception is 1 hour north in Washingtonville, NY. The start time will be around 11am. Please contact me if interested. Thanks!
86 Eleonora Barna Aug 31, 2015 San Diego, CA - USA
CONTACT ME: noraphoto@live.com

WEBSITE: eleonora.photo

DETAILS: I need a strong second shooter for 6 hours. 3pm-9pm 
200 Guests.
85 Marissa Kaplan Oct 10, 2015 Greensboro, NC - USA
CONTACT ME: marissajkaplan@gmail.com

WEBSITE: marissajoyphotography.com

DETAILS: need a talented, experienced shooter for a downtown rooftop wedding for 8-10 hours. Paid. Contact me if interested. Thanks!!
83 Kristi Odom Dec 10, 2015 Melbourne - Australia
CONTACT ME: Info@kristiodom.com

WEBSITE: kristiodom.com

DETAILS: I need a local second for a Thursday Hindu ceremony. Paid position. If interested please send your website.
79 Bryan Newfield Sep 12, 2015 Chicago, IL - USA
CONTACT ME: bryan@bryannewfield.com

WEBSITE: bryannewfield.com

DETAILS: Fun wedding at Architectural Artifacts. Looking for a second shooter with a strong style and an artful eye.
77 Nicole Polk Oct 3, 2015 Philadelphia, PA - USA
CONTACT ME: nic.polk@gmail.com

WEBSITE: nicolepolk.com

DETAILS: Second shooter needed for 8-10 hours
76 Matt Speck Sep 12, 2015 Lyons, CO - USA
CONTACT ME: matt@matthewspeck.com

WEBSITE: matthewspeck.com

DETAILS: Need a second for an 8hr day.
75 Scott Lewis Sep 19, 2015 Scranton, PA - USA
WEBSITE: scottlewisimages.com

DETAILS: Pretty straightforward second shooter needed, 6-8 hours, times TBD. $400.
63 Olu Oct 3, 2015 Columbus, OH - USA
CONTACT ME: info@olujr.com

WEBSITE: olujr.com

DETAILS: Looking for an experienced second shooter for this 10 hour Wedding
62 Katie Yeaton Sep 26, 2015 Saratoga Springs, NY - USA
CONTACT ME: braveheartsphotography@gmail.com

WEBSITE: braveheartsphotography.com

DETAILS: I will need a second shooter on 9/26/2015 for a wedding in Saratoga Springs, NY. Please contact me if interested. I don't have the exact hours yet.
54 Derren Raser Sep 12, 2015 Kohler, WI - USA
CONTACT ME: info@therasers.com

WEBSITE: therasers.com

DETAILS: Looking for a photographer for 8 hours of coverage for a wedding at the American Club in Kohler, WI. I am looking for someone to join me who is strong in capturing candid moments and who also approaches the day with a creative eye. Please e-mail me with a website and a little bit about yourself, equipment and experience if interested in being considered and I will get back to you with more information. Thank you so much in advance!
42 Julian Mackler Jan 16, 2016 St. Moritz - Switzerland
CONTACT ME: Through website http://www.mackive.com/weddings

WEBSITE: mackive.com/weddings

30 Louis David Apr 16, 2016 Ilhabela - Brazil
CONTACT ME: contact@louisdavidphotography.com

WEBSITE: louisdavidweddings.com

DETAILS: Hi, I'm looking for a second shooter based in or near Sao Paulo for a wedding with 250 guests on April the 16th 2016 at Ilhabela.
29 David Duignan Jul 15, 2016 Cavan - Ireland
CONTACT ME: info@djd.ie

WEBSITE: djd.ie

DETAILS: I'm looking for quotes for a potential second shooter to cover a full day wedding (approx 12 hrs) on the 15th July 2106 in Cavan.
22 Margot Landen Sep 26, 2015 Aspen, CO - USA
CONTACT ME: email@margotlandenweddings.com

WEBSITE: margotlandenweddings.com