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Job Name Date Location
26 Jennifer Domenick Jun 6, 2015 Washington, DC - USA
CONTACT ME: jennifer@lovelifeimages.com

WEBSITE: lovelifeimages.com

DETAILS: Looking for a second shooter to work a wedding at Lincoln's Cottage just outside DC. Pay is $400 for 6 hours of coverage. You can use images in portfolio with our watermark.
25 Stela Zaharieva Jun 13, 2015 Detroit, MI - USA
CONTACT ME: stelaz8@hotmail.com

WEBSITE: StelaZaharieva.com

24 Jaime Emery Jun 20, 2015 Squaw Valley, CA - USA
CONTACT ME: jaime@rosestreetstudio.com

WEBSITE: rosestreetstudio.com

DETAILS: Looking for a strong second shooter for a wedding in Lake Tahoe (near Truckee/Squaw Valley). Please email me for more details. Thanks!
22 Margot Landen Sep 26, 2015 Aspen, CO - USA
CONTACT ME: email@margotlandenweddings.com

WEBSITE: margotlandenweddings.com

20 Farid Widjaya Jun 27, 2015 Lancaster, PA - USA
CONTACT ME: farid@hofferphotography.com

WEBSITE: hofferphotography.com

DETAILS: 10 hr coverage, super sweet couple. Venue is Farms of Eagles Ridge in Lancaster.
18 Julie May 30, 2015 Yountville, CA - USA
CONTACT ME: julie@julieweisberg.com

WEBSITE: julieweisberg.com

DETAILS: Hi there, I'm looking for a second photographer on the 30th to help photograph a beautiful couple from 3-11 pm. Contact me for details. Thanks.
17 Mantas Kubilinskas Aug 15, 2015 Denver, CO - USA
WEBSITE: mantasphoto.com

DETAILS: Looking for someone who are available that day to shoot with me :) Wedding will be somewhere in Denver :)
16 Ken Pak Jun 26, 2015 Cleveland, OH - USA
CONTACT ME: kenpakphotography@gmail.com

WEBSITE: kenpakphotography.com

DETAILS: need a second shooter at an eight-hour country club wedding on the east side of Cleveland.
15 Murtaza Siraj Jul 23, 2015 Maui, HI - USA
CONTACT ME: info@mnmfoto.com

WEBSITE: mnmfoto.com

DETAILS: Hi there, I'm looking for a second shooter (preferably local or willing to pay for their own travel) to shoot and assist me at an Indian wedding on the beautiful Island of Maui.  
Please email your portfolio for review, and a little about yourself. Thank you!
14 Catherine Oostdyk Jun 6, 2015 Schwalmstadt - Germany
CONTACT ME: info@photosparks.com

WEBSITE: photosparks.com

DETAILS: I am looking for a second shooter for the reception. Would also be helping cover a 'photo booth' type area for guests.
12 Uma Sanghvi Jun 5, 2015 Houston, TX - USA
CONTACT ME: uma@umasanghvi.com

WEBSITE: studiouma.com

DETAILS: SUGARLAND, TX: This is a 2-hour long pre-wedding event for an Indian wedding. We need a primary shooter to cover this event solo. Photographer must live in the Houston area. Thanks!!
11 Kendra Coupland Aug 1, 2015 North Vancouver, BC - Canada
CONTACT ME: Kendra@lovetreephotography.ca

WEBSITE: lovetreephotography.ca

DETAILS: Should be well experienced, documentary style photographer with strong story telling skills. Pref for canon shooters. Should have at least one 5D Mk III body or equivalent.  
Super rad clients totally down to earth, will be slightly more challenging as groom is physically disabled and has limited mobility.
9 Callum Pinkney Sep 5, 2015 Baltimore, MD - USA
CONTACT ME: info@callumpinkney.com

WEBSITE: callumpinkney.com

DETAILS: Awesome wedding in Baltimore, this September. Need a second shooter for about 8 hours. Looking for a second shooter who is good with portraits, isn't afraid to be creative and is comfortable with shooting details.  
Shoot me an email.
8 Brian Kwan Jul 11, 2015 Menlo Park, CA - USA
CONTACT ME: brian@briankwanphotography.com

WEBSITE: briankwanphotography.com

DETAILS: wedding at menlo park california, need a second shooter to cover 11 hours with me!
7 Vladimir Chaloupka May 30, 2015 Atlanta, GA - USA
CONTACT ME: info@vladfoto.com

WEBSITE: vladfoto.com

DETAILS: Video 2nd shooter, 8 hours, email me for more info, thank you!
3 Janine Cooper Jun 6, 2015 Omaha, NE - USA
CONTACT ME: jmstudiosdundee@gmail.com

WEBSITE: jmstudiosomaha.com

DETAILS: Awesome wedding at the Bride's parent's house. Will be shooting raw files, and also assisting with light at the reception.